Mackinac Island Bridal Session | Yuan + Luke

Mackinac Island is a pure Michigan wedding destination. What could be more beautiful then vintage atmosphere of the streets where you can ride a horse drawn carriage, enjoy blue hues of magnificent waters and stroll through the hidden paths and trails. Yuan and Luke met through the church group during their field trip to Mackinac Island and may be by divine powers by the end of the trip they knew they meant to be together. As they are both from China and will have their big wedding at home with their family and friends, they still wanted to bring home a slice of pure Michigan. We planned a custom three hour bridal session with two outfit changes and professional hair and make up and horse carriage rental. We had a wonderful time creating fine art memories for them to keep for the rest of their lives…

hair and make up: Vintage Glam on Market | carriage: Mackinac Island Carriage Tours | photography: Lana Trayser Photography

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