Erin and Anthony met as juniors in high school in a sweet summer of 2006 though a mutual friend ( who later on became the best man at their wedding..:) ) and were together ever since through the remaining high school and college years. At their wedding Erin and Anthony had a ” Decade of Love” photo stand with all the best memories of their love story to share with the family and friends. Erin said that when vacationing on Mackinac Island once with her family she absolutely fell in love with the island and it has become her favorite destination.  Erin wanted for her special day a destination that truly represents Michigan.

Wedding day began at the Stonecliffe Mansion with hair and make up, giggles and smiles and some tears of happiness by the time Erin had her stunning veil on.  She was helped in the dress by her sister and best friends, and by the time she was ready, everyone was in aah of how amazing she looked on her wedding day in her ballroom gown complemented by a lovely lace top.

Erin and Anthony had a traditional catholic ceremony at one of the oldest catholic churches in Michigan, St Anne’s Church followed by a horse drawn carriage ride with her bridal party around the island and a gorgeous tent reception at the most serene and beautiful venues on Mackinac Island, The Inn at Stonecliffe. Swooned away by the rustic charm, vast outdoor spaces and magnificent view of Mackinac Bridge, couple and guests enjoyed fudge favors, plated dinner and full bar. Traditions and old fashioned romance were the key ingredients of the reception details with framed family photos and vintage cake topper, that was a part of their family for three generations. Wedding party had a ton of fun dancing the night away to country favorites.

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Wedding Dress: Piera’s Bridal | Cake: Tas T Creations | Invitations: Vivian Elle Invitations | Bride’s Shoes: Kelly & Katie Jess Pumps | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Marcile’s Fashions and Bridals | Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse | Ceremony :Sainte Anne’s Catholic Church |  Reception: The Inn at Stonecliffe | Bride’s Hair +Makeup: Hair: Samantha Rapley- Generations Hair Studio Makeup: Vintage Glam on Market | Bridesmaids’ Hair + Makeup: Hair: Samantha Rapley-Generations Hair Studio and Vintage Glam on Market Makeup: Vintage Glam on Market | Floral Design + Decor: St. Ignace Greenhouse and Florist| DJ: Patrick McManus-MICA Entertainment | Transportation: Gough Carriages and Mackinac Island Carriage Tours | Signage: Unplugged ceremony sign- Buffy Weddings Place Cards- Bliss Paper Boutique Guestbook Sign- Creative Papier “A Decade of Love” Banner for photo collage- Fresh Lemon Blossoms
| Church ceremony music and cocktail hour music- Mike Davis Trio