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I always saw photography as something magic. One click of a button can freeze a perfect moment and keep it forever, making it a part of your story. I believe it’s not the camera that makes a photograph but people in front of it. I believe that when we experience something, that creates memories for the rest of our lives. I believe that wedding day photography is definitely an experience: all the preparations that could feel a little overwhelming, all the excitement about the Big Day that most of us have been planning since we were little girls, your perfect venue, flowers, shoes and the dress! But most of all this feeling of absolute happiness, knowing that you have found the love of your life and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life together!I believe a wedding day is an adventure and a story and I’m so excited to capture in a fine art way.I believe wedding day photography holds an amazing opportunity to become a part of your family history and a responsibility for capturing moments that are truly special for you.



I believe photography is a relationship that is not possible without a personal connection. My drive is to make people happy with my work: create beautiful photographs, fun memories and a great experience. Photography is always very personal. It’s about people, their personalities, their hopes and dreams. That is why connection and understanding is so important in my work.

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Feeling loved is how I want you to feel about working with me. I’m there for you in every way.  Like a friend, I have your best interest at heart on the day of the wedding. After the wedding I want you to relive your amazing wedding day looking through a luxury and organic fine art wedding album and art prints.


I always try to see beauty in everything: that is a fuel for my creative vision. I’m an artist at heart and the camera helps me to bring my vision to life. I look for love and happiness in each and every moment to preserve them for you forever.